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making Gari 2

For any one going into garri processing, the following machinery, equipment and accessories
are most essential. They are grating machine, fermentation tanks, hydraulic press, sifting
unit, fryer(s), dryer(s), and milling machine. Of course other accessories like knives for
peeling, wheelbarrows, basins, weighing scales etc are also important. The machines produce
consistently high quality garri and are considered adequate for any entrepreneur. Petrol
engines power them. Because of this, the need to rely on PHCN Ltd’s supply of electricity or
even of providing a stand-by generator to supplement power supply from external source is
avoided. This drastically reduces the total investment cost and increases the output and
profit available to the business because of the reduction in the running cost in the year.
The rub-off effects on the project are immense. This will let more people now go into
commercial processing as a profitable venture quite unlike before when the scale was small
or left completely to the villagers with their inadequate processing methods and low output.
Garri Production Processes: These are simple, straightforward and involve the washing of the
harvested and peeled cassava tubers with clean water, grating these and fermenting the
grated slurry. Thereafter, the slurry is dewatered, granulated, fried, dried, milled and
packaged ready for the market. Garri can be fried white as processed or with palm oil added
to give it the yellowish colour to satisfy those customers that like the coloured type.
Packaging bags of various types and sizes are used eg 10kg, 25kg, 50kg, 100kg or 200kg.
Because of space limitation, the detailed description, the essential quality control
procedures and other success factors can’t be discussed here. They, as well as the detailed
costing and sources of input, machinery and equipment etc, should be contained in a well-
packaged, realistic and bankable feasibility report, which is an essential pre-requisite for
the successful implementation of this project.
Labour Requirement: The number, calibre and cost of labour will depend on the scale and
extent of integration to be embarked upon by the entrepreneur. For instance, he will need
more hands if he’s to include a farm than when he’s processing the tubers purchased from the
farmers and the markets. The actual labour requirement will be determined at the feasibility
study stage after the scale of operation of the plant has been determined by the promoter.
Garri Fortification: Generally, garri has very low protein content. Because of this, an
entrepreneur can mix supplements with garri at the pre-gelatinisation stage of processing in
order to produce more homogeneous and enriched finished product, which is important to
enhance acceptability.
Manually prepared garri normally has very short shelf life (depending on its water content)
but the one prepared using the equipment and the processes described above has a shelf life
of 12 months or more when packaged in heat-sealed polythene bags. It also has protein
content of between 9% and 10%. The protein sources used here are soya beans, groundnuts,
pigeon peas, bambaya beans etc. The technology is tested and locally available for any one
interested in acquiring it.
Project Cost: The estimated total cost will depend on such factors as whether or not the
promoter is going to include a farm, the scale of operation planned, the location of the
venture, the source of the relevant plant and machinery etc. These will be determined when
the feasibility study will be carried out. However, the total project cost will include such
expenditures as farm establishment, machinery and equipment, utilities, motor vehicles,
office equipment, fittings and furniture, working capital and contingency. The prospective
investor is advised to research thoroughly every aspect of the project before investing in
it. This he can do himself or in conjunction with an experienced industrial development
Profitability: Research carried out recently by this writer while preparing this write-up
shows that profit before tax in the sale of cassava farm proceeds is over 58% while that of
garri plant is over 36%. These are considered profitable ventures that the entrepreneurially
minded are encouraged to take up and implement. Project Justification: The project is
profitable. The raw material is available everywhere in the country and all the year round.
With a well-articulated programme one can have his raw material supply from the out-grower-
farmers, the market and his farm. The market for garri is very large and expanding locally.
There are high prospects for export. Other indirect and secondary benefits include regular
employment creation, decreased consumer prices, stable supply of garri throughout the year,
improved physical and nutritional quality, longer shelf life of garri and the linkage of the
small scale farmers to expanding alternative market thus generating income opportunities for
In the event that you need to acquire a deeper understanding and knowledge about cassava,
its cultivation, its processing into numerous by-products, their export, addresses of
overseas importers etc you can order for this writer’s hold-me-by-the-hand, step-by-step
guidebook entitled Lucrative Investment Opportunities In Cassava Cultivation, Processing And
Those investors who are keenly interested in knowing further what it takes generally to
establish this project and indeed any other projects in terms of the details of the sources
and costs of equipment and other various fixed assets, labour and acceptable management
practices for optimum yield but who do not need a bankable feasibility  report prepared for
them can request from this writer for a copy of The Comprehensive Industrial Profile On
Protein-Enriched Garri Production


  1. Nice article.. i am interested in starting this business and will like to know the cost associated with purchasing the required machines. kindly email me at thanks for your help
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  2. Thank you so much for this article... I am already carrying out a research on how much exactly I'll need to go into this business... I'm planning to resign from my present job and go into full time mechanized garri processing so I really appreciate this write-up. The issue is that I'm only entitled to a gratuity of one million naira only. Do you think this will be enough for me to start? You can reply to my e-mail at Or Thank you so much in anticipation to your prompt and favorable reply... Gbenga. Lagos.

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  5. please i will like to know more, email me at about the general costs, and i will also like to buy the book you are selling.

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